Packing for Dubai Trip? 4 Tips for you

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From glitzy malls to sun-kissed beaches, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city of myriad shades and colours. It’s a city adorned by sprawling skyscrapers and awe-inspiring structures that reflect the glamorous facet of the city of modern luxuries. Although the city is very modern and progressive, it is deeply rooted in local tradition and culture. Since you can enjoy a lot of activities in Dubai, so, packing for your Dubai trip might appear as a unique dilemma. Keeping the weather and the social boundaries in mind, here is a checklist of things to pack for your Dubai trip:

1. Clothing

Packing clothes for Dubai might appear confusing to travellers, especially females. Although, Dubai hosts a relatively large foreign population many businesses demand modest clothing. For men, linen pants, shorts, stylish tees and shirts are fine. For women, spaghetti tops and shorts is fine but only when you are staying at beach resorts. Since the weather is hot and humid in Dubai, wear loose and long linen or cotton clothes. These fabrics are breathable and also are modest. Carry a pashmina with you. This will come handy if you need something for a quick cover-up. Bathing suits, tank tops and sundresses are appropriate only for the beaches. Pack light clothes.

2. Outdoor essentials

When going for outdoor activities in Dubai, you need to protect your skin from sun exposure. Pack light, wicking clothes that you can wear for activities such as hiking, dune bashing, riding, etc. Carry a hat and sunscreen. For night activities, people in Dubai love to dress in formal party-wears. So, pack a cocktail dress for your night outs at restaurants and hotels. Carry a UV-filtered sunglass. The sky in Dubai is pretty clear, and during summers, the glaring light makes it difficult to roam around without a sunglass. Also, a hat or a baseball cap is essentials if you plan to take a walk around the city during daytime.

3. Footwear

When you are roaming around the city, sandals and flipflops are the best. However, you cannot go for a desert safari in flipflops.  Dubai trip is incomplete without taking a hike on the Arabian sands. For that, you need to carry closed shoes such as hiking boots or sneakers.

4. Other things to pack

The air of Dubai is pretty dry. So, pack plenty of moisturising lotion with you. You can carry a portable folding fan with you. This is especially useful during hotter days. Carry extra clothes. It’s because due to high humidity, the clothes take longer to dry.

You do not need to carry toiletries as the hotels in Dubai will provide you with all type of toiletries. Moreover, cosmetics are very cheap in tax-free Dubai so that you can buy everything from the malls. Also, carry enough local currency and cards. We hope that this list will be helpful to guides you. If you are planning your trip soon, check our Dubai tour packages and get exciting deals.

Places in India that Bring you Closer to Nature

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India is a land of attraction, and the country beholds diverse landscapes. Although India is popular for its rich culture and tradition, the country is also home to the unfathomable wilderness.
To come closer to nature, India is an incredible country to visit. Here, we have tailored a list of places in India that bring you closer to nature.

1. Goa

In Goa, you can come very close to nature, which is why most of the places in the state are a major tourist destination in India. As there are over 25 beaches in Goa, you can be spoilt for choice. Beaches in North Goa are more lively as tourist bustle up while the beaches in South Goa are secluded and quieter.

Beaches are not just the only attraction as there’s lot more to explore in Goa. The Dudhsagar waterfalls, located 60 kilometres from Panjim is worth the visit as it is considered one of the most splendid waterfalls in India.

2. Ladakh

A place like no other, Ladakh is nature in its pure bliss. As the place blends in unique characteristics of Indian, Tibetan and Buddhism linings, the pristine scenic beauty of Ladakh is priceless.
If you plan to travel Ladakh, the first place that you should visit is Zanskar valley. The desolate valley of the Himalayan range has its steep terrain covered with snow. As the Zanskar river is popular for seasonal white river rafting, the best time to visit the place would be from June to September.

Other beautiful places in Ladakh which bring you closer to nature are Nubra Valley, Khardung La pass, Pangong Tso lake, and Hemis National Park.

3. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is blessed by nature; you can garner numerous adventure experiences in the state. The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, is a must visit as the city is located in the Doon Valley in the foothills of the Himalayas.

To experience solitude in Dehradun, Lachhiwala is a must-visit place. The place is a popular picnic spot; the lush forest is great for trekking, bird watching and sightseeing. Chamoli is another great place to visit if you want to come close to nature. Some of the best places to visit in Chamoli include Roopkund Lake, Hemkund Lake, Joshimath and Auli.

4. West Bengal

Situated in Eastern India, West Bengal is a state of diverse cultures. The state is rich in natural beauty as well. Sunderbans is one of the popular places in West Bengal which can bring you closer to nature.
The region is located in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal and is home to the largest single block of mangrove forest.  Some of the places to visit in the Sunderbans are Sunderbans National Park, Tin Kona Islands, Piyali, Crocodile Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve.

Another major nature attraction is West Bengal is Darjeeling. The quaint, picturesque town snugly nestles in the arms of the Himalayas. You can experience nature in its purest form in Darjeeling. Places that you’d want to visit in Darjeeling include Tiger Hill, Rock Garden, Singalila National Park, Nightingale Park, and Sandakphu.

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Maldives: Revel in an Island Spirit

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Few places in the world look like it’s straight off a picture postcard. Maldives is one of them. Sparkling beaches lined with swaying palms, crystalline blue waters, and unrivalled natural beauty- you cannot get enough of the place. Located almost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Maldives comprise of 1190 tiny islands. The majority of them are resort islands, providing an unparalleled luxury. Maldives is the ultimate destination for a perfect holiday. Here are a few more reasons why Maldives should be there on your bucket list:

1. Alluring Beaches

This tropical nation has perhaps the most stunning beaches on earth. Being an island country, you will find beaches everywhere. The crystalline cyan-blue water touching the shores filled with smooth and sparkling white sand is a scene that you would see nowhere.

2. Unparalleled Luxury

The economy of Maldives is largely based on tourism. And this little piece of paradise on the Indian Ocean leaves no stone unturned in providing you with the best and flawless luxurious indulgence. The resort density is one per island; thus, all resort islands in Maldives offer you sequestered spots for diving into luxury. You will get spa treatments, perfect for pampering your mind, body, and soul.

3. Stunning Underwater Life

The captivating blue waters of the islands unfurl a vibrant underwater marine life to those who wish to take a dip. Maldives offer you a wide variety of marine activities. Almost all of the resorts in Maldives have access to underwater reefs, perfect for snorkelling and witnessing the colours of the marine life. You can even hire a boat and dive into remote places as well. Sites such as Banana Reef and Fish Head are among the most coveted spots for snorkelling. You can also take submarine dives and take a tour round the stunning reef life.

4.  Witness a Unique Culture

Maldives is not only known for its exotic locales and stunning beaches, but the country is also best known for its warm culture. The island is mainly inhabited by Sunni Muslims, but the local culture of Maldives is a rich blend of Arab, South Indian, and Sinhalese influences. The capital city Male is the cultural hub of the country. It is home to the famous Presidential Palace, Sultan Park, National Museum, Grand Friday Mosque, and Male Fish Market. Although the city is not as glamorous and exotic as the resort islands it is bustling with activities and is a must-visit.

5. Savoury Delights

Maldives has everything to tempt your palette. The country offers you a rich variety of tempting culinary delights and savoury flavours. The local places in Maldives will give you an authentic taste of Maldivian cuisine. The local eateries offer you exquisite seafood that is flavoured with coconut and local spices. Tasting the local culinary delights is a vital part of the unique experience.

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Famous Delicacies to Try When you are in Bali

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Well known for their unpretentious flavours, Balinese cuisine bursts with local herbs and spices. From high-end restaurants to local eateries, you will find a unique twist of taste in Balinese cuisine when compared to other South-east Asian countries. Here are a few delicacies that you must try during your visit to Bali:

1.  Babi Gulingt

This dish is also known as suckling pig. Usually, pork dishes are difficult to find in Muslim countries, but Bali is famous for suckling pig. Baby pigs, still feeding on mother’s milk are a popular dish in Bali. Stuffed with a spice paste called “Base Gede”, the pigs are rubbed with turmeric and other spices such as lemongrass, coriander, garlic, black pepper, ginger and then roasted on coconut husks until tender.

2. Bebek Betutu or Slow cooked Duck

Thi is yet another must-try dish. Usually, Bebek Betutu takes longer hours to cook, and that’s why you need to order it a day in advance. First, tamaring puree and salt is applied on the duck. This is done to tenderise the meat and remove any odour or “duck-like” smell. It is then washed off, and the duck is stuffed with special spice mix called bumbu rajeng, cassava leaves, and eggs. The meat is then wrapped in husks of betel nut also known as Upeh, and then slow cooked until the meat separates from the bone.

3. Mie Goreng

This is a classic Indonesian food comprising of friend noodles and vegetables. You can add chicken, shrimp or pork if you wish. Often, this dish is topped with an egg or chicken sate sticks, peanut sauce, and prawn crackers. A few places also serve pickled vegetables with this dish.

4. Nasi Goreng

This dish is similar to Mie Goreng, but instead of noodles, it serves fried rice. This is a classic Balinese staple. You will find people eating this for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. The rice is fried with an assortment of veggies and your choice of meat. It is served with a poached egg on top of it along with pickled vegetables.

5. Nasi Campur

This is also a local favourite. Nasi Campurs means “mixed rice.” This dish usually contains small portions of fish, meat, and vegetables served with steamed rice. Each dish will offer you a unique burst of flavour.

6. Sate

Indonesian Sate is quite different from the Sate available in other South-east Asian countries. The Indonesian Sate is made using mashed chicken mixed thoroughly with a wide array of spices. It is them moulded onto a stick (usually lemongrass stick is used to give it a rich flavour) and then it is barbequed. You will get both Chicken and Fish Sate in Bali.

7. Pisang Goreng

Bali is a place where you will find bananas of every variety. And this is a dessert of fried bananas. It is usually served with palm or sugar syrup, honey, or ice cream.

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Explore The Quintessential Indianness In These Parts Of The Country

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India is a cradle of some of the major religions and cultures of the world. In every part of India, one can witness myriad shades of rituals and cultural practices that are imbibed deep within the nerves of the country. If you are a traveller who wants to leap beyond the exotic hills and beaches and immerse in the rich “Indianness” of the country, take a tour to these places in India:

1. The Golden City of Amritsar

Known as the heart of Sikhism, Amritsar is a place to experience the rich cultural heritage. Explore religious places such as Akal Takht and Mata Lal Devi Temple or take a step back into history at Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, Amritsar will expose you to an enriching experience. Also, do not miss the flamboyant cuisine of Amritsar and especially the Guru ka Langar at Golden Temple complex.

2. Revisit the Nawabi culture at Lucknow

Ranked high among the places for experiencing the Indian culture and heritage, the city of the Nawabs boast a unique blend of Hindu and Muslim culture. This heritage city is best known for its craftsmanship and a breeding ground of literary and performing arts. Explore the rich architecture of the city that is heavily influenced by the Mughals, Nawabs of Awadh and the Delhi Sultanate. You can visit places such as Sikander Bagh, Begum Hazrat Mahal Park, Jama Masjid, Husainabad Clock Tower, Chhattar Manzil, and Butler Palace. Taste the lip smacking Awadhi cuisine at Lucknow especially the Galouti Kebab, Nihari Gosht and of course, the famous Lucknowi Biryani.

3. The Melting Pot of Cultures-Delhi

A visit to this city will give you a glimpse of the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the Capital of India. The culture of Delhi is strongly influenced by the Mughals, Khiljis, Rajputs, Sultans, and a few other dynasties. Even you will find British influences across the heart of the city. Home to museums, galleries, theatres, Delhi is a potpourri of cultures. Do explore the narrow lanes of Old Delhi to get a sneak peek at the past of the city.

4. Visit the Land of the Rajputs Rajasthan

The grandeur of the Rajputana is something that you cannot afford to miss. When it comes to exploring the quintessential flavour of India, Rajasthan is a place that must find a place at the top of your bucket list. This is a place where you will find stories at every turn of the road. This place thrives in history. Indulge in the vibrant lifestyle of Rajasthan. Visit places like Chittorgarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Jal Mahal and Amer Fort.

5. The Place of the Nizams- Hyderabad

Hyderabad was ruled by the Mughals, Sultans, and Nizams before it was turned into a Princely state under the British rule. The architecture of this city reflects all the cultural influences. This is a place famous for its rich paintings, handicrafts, theatres, and literary arts.
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