7 Famed Indian Offbeat Destinations

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India is a land of mystic charm. Each corner of the country offers unique experiences that will blow your mind. It’s also a land of hidden gems, gleaming with a bounty of nature, tucked in the less explored corners of the country. If you are looking for unconventional places, then here’s our list of offbeat places for you:

1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

A carpet of greenery, misty hills, sprawling rice fields, and a horizon of misty clouds- Zero is a place of unspoilt natural beauty. Home to the Apa Tani tribe, life in Ziro is relaxed. If serenity and calmness are what you are looking for, this is the place to be.

2. Gurez Valley, Kashmir

Pleasant weather, cool air, surreal landscape at the backdrop of snow-capped mountains- Gurez valley in Kashmir offer breathtaking natural beauty. Located just below the Line of Control, this is also the most protected piece of land in the country. The weather during the months of May through September is the most pleasant.

3. Shojha, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a land of many offbeat places and Shojha is one of them. This idyllic village offers an awe-inspiring view of the mountains and a panoramic view of the lush green valleys. A visit to this place will make you feel close to nature.

4. Mainpat, Chhattisgarh

Mainpat is home to a large Tibetan settlement and some of the most heavenly gompas in the country. The Thakpo Sheduplinh Monastery in Mainpat was built in 1970 and is one of the key attractions here. The wall murals adorning the interior walls of the monastery are truly inspiring.

5. Moodbidri, Karnataka

This place is a dream destination for any history enthusiast. This place is home to centuries old Jain temples and the Digambara culture. One of the most popular Jain temples is the thousand pillared Jain temple. It is said that this temple is about 600 years old. The architecture of this temple depicts a blend of the Hoysala, Nepalese, and Oriental architecture.

6. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Known as the birth place of the Dalai Lama, the landscape of this hill station is dominated by stunning panoramic valleys, misty mountains, and lush greenery. There are several monasteries in this place which are a must-visit for any travel enthusiast.

7. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Amidst popular tourist destinations such as Bandhavgarh National Park and Gwalior, Bhedaghat is a place still untouched by the maddening crowd of tourists. Bhedaghat is home to some of the few marble rock reserves in the country. It’s located on the banks of Narmada. The Dhuandhar Falls is a major attraction here. The Chaunsath Yogini temple is also a must-visit. This place is located just 20 kilometres away from Jabalpur and is an excellent place for nature lovers and history-enthusiasts.

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6 Things to do in Bali

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Exploring historical sites, temples, dolphin spotting or enjoying a traditional spa treatment –there are so many activities to enjoy when you are in Bali. This magical island has been a traveller’s favourite for long. But with the incredible choice of activities and attractions, it’s easy to get confused. So, before you book any international holiday packages to Bali take a look at this list of must-do activities there:

1. Soak in the tranquillity at Tirta Empul Temple

Bali is known as the Island of the Gods. And while you will find many temples with jaw-dropping architecture, Tirta Empul Temple is a place with unmatched serenity. This place attracts both Balinese and Hindu visitors. It has a large rectangular pool in the centre of the temple complex. The water is said to come from a holy mountain spring. You’ll find people taking a dip. If you plan to do so, don’t forget to bring an extra set of dry clothes.

2. Explore Gunung Kawi

Gunung Kawi is the largest ancient monuments in Bali. It has 10 candi or shrines that stand in sheltered niches in the cliff. As you walk through the terraced rice fields to reach this place, the beautiful landscape will leave you mesmerised. As you explore the fountains, temples, monuments, and streams in Gunung Kawi, you can feel an ancient majesty in its air. Be ready for long climbs and walks if you visit this place. Wear a sarong as this is a holy site.

3. Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest

This dense patch of the jungle has three holy temples and is inhabited by hundreds of long-tailed macaques. You can enter the sanctuary through any of the three gates. All along the way, the monkeys will be watching over you in the hope to get occasional banana treats. Avoid eye contact or showing you teeth (that includes even smiling!) as these are signs of aggression.

4. A scenic stopover at Mount Batur

Mount Batur or Kintamani Volcano offers a captivating view of the lush green landscape. Nestled in the Mount Batur, the Batur Caldera Lake is a popular tourist attraction. However, if you love adventure, you can take the nearby winding road down to the hot springs.

5. Explore the breathtaking rice terrace

Jatiluwih rice terrace in West Bali is famous for its breathtaking scenery and the cascading hillside topography adorned with green rice fields. Explore the nearby Mount Batukaru to and treat yourself with the soothing serenity, away from the crowded cityscape of Bali.

6. Admire handcrafted Balinese goods

The Ubud Art market is a popular destination for finding the finest handcrafted Balinese goods. From beautiful silk scarves, woven bags, statues to shirts and other handcrafted goods, Ubud Art Market is the place to pick up souvenirs before your return.

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Romantic Destinations in India That are Simply Magical

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Sometimes the monotony of life becomes really exasperating. Those are the times when your mind craves for a vacation, far away from the cacophony of life with your special someone. Don’t you feel so? If a vacay with your special someone is just what in your mind, we have got a list of magical places in India for you. Take a look:

1. Triund, Himachal Pradesh

Just 18 kilometres from MacLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh, this spectacularly beautiful place will take your breath away. The mighty Dhauladhar range, the grassy meadows and the cloud caressing the landscape sum up a perfect place to be with your loved one.

2. Cherrapunji. Meghalaya

Have you ever dreamt of floating on the clouds? If yes, then it’s the time to turn your dream into reality. Touted as the second wettest place on earth (it’s preceded by Maywsynram), the views in Cherrapunji will leave you mesmerised. A long drive on the winding road with your sweetheart while the drizzle splashing on your car- what else could be more magical than this?

3. Mararikulam, Kerala

If both of you love the feeling of sand on your feet and the touch of the salty breeze on your skin, then head straight to Mararikuram. Time comes to a standstill in this amazing beach. Mararikuram is the perfect place to escape the city and sit back and enjoy the roaring ocean, the sand, and the view of the swaying coconut trees lining the beach.

4. Coorg, Kerala

Get lost in the beauty of the Tadiandamol peak, get enchanted by the cascading waters of the Iruppu Falls or explore the endangered wildlife species at Pushpagiri, Coorg is one of the most romantic and rejuvenating getaways for couples.

5. Gangtok, Sikkim

Winter is one of the best times to enjoy the pristine beauty of Gangtok with your sweetheart. Enjoy the spectacular view of the mighty Kanchenjunga, explore the deep valleys, the ethereal landscape of Gangtok will give you plenty of opportunities to gasp in awe.

6. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The misty green mountains and the lush green valleys, Ooty is a place that’s a blend of the old and the contemporary. The charming Raj-era bungalows, the tall pines resembling the English country lanes, Ooty is a refreshing place for an idyllic romantic sojourn.

7. Munnar, Kerala

Coffee plantations, mountains, lakes, houseboats- what more do you need for a romantic hideaway? Munnar is a place that’s well known for its salubrious air. The charm of the backwaters will definitely leave both of you wanting for more.

8. Gulmarg, Kashmir

The pristine white snow mixed with a chill in the air and stunning natural vistas- the recipe for a perfect romantic getaway cannot get better than this. Cosy up in front of the fire place while enjoying the stunning landscape through your window, take a gondola ride together or explore the snow-clad mountain, Gulmarg will give you every possible reason to fall in love with it.

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7 Famous Religious Places Across the Globe

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Faith and religion draw millions of people to the most popular religious sites across the world. But these two are certainly not the criteria to be drawn to the stunning temples and holy places. The splendid architecture and religious history are enough to inspire you to book international tour packages and embark on a journey to these places. With choices enough to confuse you, here’s our list of the must-visit religious places around the world:

1. Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

Famous for holding the relics of four Buddha, this place is one of the most visited holy shrines in the world. The scents rising from the incense sticks and rhythmic Buddhist chants filling the air will give you an unearthly feeling. Visit at night to enjoy a great view of golden stupas of the temple overflowing with spotlights.

2. Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe Chapel, France

This beautiful church mounted atop a hill offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. To reach this 10th-century church, you have to climb about 200 steps up a volcanic rock.

3. Meiji Shrine, Japan

This centuries old shrine was built to honour the souls of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken of Japan. This serene temple is nestled amidst a dense forest and a beautiful tranquil garden. In stark contrast to the ultramodern cityscape of Tokyo, this place is a haven of peace. People often visit this place to meditate or simply to catch fresh air.

4. The holy ghats of Varanasi, India

One of the most sacred cities in India, Varanasi is famous for its ghats – a place where pilgrims converge from all over the world to take a dip in the Holy Ganges and wash away their sins. The terraced ghats are the place where you will come across meditating saints and sadhus and even cremations. Take a boat ride along the ghats for a visceral and overwhelming experience.

5. Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

Standing above a beautiful pine forest, the Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest Monastery appears like it’s hanging from a cliff. Perched at the height of 3,000 ft in Paro, it takes a tough three hours hike to reach this monastery. The view of the Paro valley from this monastery is something that you won’t forget for sure.

6. Borobudur, Indonesia

This 9th-century temple complex is one of the finest examples of Buddhist architecture. This 7 storied temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Decorated with more than 500 Buddha statues this stunning stupa is wrapped around a small hill and forests.

7. Notre Dame Cathedral, France

One of the most visited cathedrals in Paris, this place is an architectural marvel. There is no space left in the cathedral that it not filled with stained glass windows depicting Biblical stories, and statues of angels and saints. This is as much as an art gallery as a holy place of worship.

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Dubai Tour: What to Shop?

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There’s nothing that you cannot buy in Dubai. Tagged as the paradise for shoppers, Dubai is where you can unleash the true shopper hiding in you. Although you can get almost anything in the city, there are certain items that are very popular, and most tourists buy them.

Here are some of the popular items that you must buy while you are in Dubai.

1. Pashmina

Pashmina shawls are one of the most popular buys in Dubai; almost every tourist gets their hands on at least one of this irresistible piece of clothing. You don’t have to be very choosy while buying pashmina shawls as most of the shops/outlets have a great collection. However, there’s no harm in being a little concerned about quality.

You can even buy original cashmere that are made of 100% silk as a gift for your loved ones. One of the best places to buy these high-quality shawls is Deira Souk. Tourists also buy these shawls as a souvenir.

2. Gold

If you want to get your hand on the most popular value-to-weight item in Dubai, then go for gold. Dubai is known for its abundance of gold souks, which means tourists are left with great choices. Dubai Gold Souk Deira is one such great place to shop as it is considered as one of the largest gold markets in the world.

Tourists often shop gold jewellery in Dubai as they are duty-free and relatively cheaper. Gold souks in Dubai also offer gold ornaments and accessories both smaller and larger. So, you can easily find one that fits your budget. Moreover, you can even bargain to get the best deals.

3. Chocolates

Shopping malls and outlets in Dubai are home to some of the finest collection of chocolates. Just like Europe, you can get chocolate collection from all parts of the world in Dubai. It’s a guarantee that your happenstances will treat you with the most superlative chocolates that you’ve ever tasted.

You should also try Dubai’s most popular Bateel, which are almond filled dates that are coated with chocolate.

4. Perfumes

Arabic fragrance has their own unique charm, and you should definitely buy perfumes when in Dubai. And they don’t cost much; you can get a wide range of choice in both shopping malls and outlets.

Arabic perfumes generally have a soft yet intriguing tone; but of course, most shops offer a variety of perfumes, and you choose accordingly.

5. Electronic gizmos

Most electronic gadgets in Dubai are duty-free, which means that you can buy your favourite electronic gadget at a reasonable price. Electronic items such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, camera, and home appliances are a popular buy in the city.

Some of the popular electronic stores in Dubai are Jumbo Electronics Emax Electronics, Sharaf DG, and ECity Electronics UAE. If you are lucky, you can come across alluring discounts in these stores.

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