Packing for Dubai Trip? 4 Tips for you

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From glitzy malls to sun-kissed beaches, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city of myriad shades and colours. It’s a city adorned by sprawling skyscrapers and awe-inspiring structures that reflect the glamorous facet of the city of modern luxuries. Although the city is very modern and progressive, it is deeply rooted in local tradition and culture. Since you can enjoy a lot of activities in Dubai, so, packing for your Dubai trip might appear as a unique dilemma. Keeping the weather and the social boundaries in mind, here is a checklist of things to pack for your Dubai trip:

1. Clothing

Packing clothes for Dubai might appear confusing to travellers, especially females. Although, Dubai hosts a relatively large foreign population many businesses demand modest clothing. For men, linen pants, shorts, stylish tees and shirts are fine. For women, spaghetti tops and shorts is fine but only when you are staying at beach resorts. Since the weather is hot and humid in Dubai, wear loose and long linen or cotton clothes. These fabrics are breathable and also are modest. Carry a pashmina with you. This will come handy if you need something for a quick cover-up. Bathing suits, tank tops and sundresses are appropriate only for the beaches. Pack light clothes.

2. Outdoor essentials

When going for outdoor activities in Dubai, you need to protect your skin from sun exposure. Pack light, wicking clothes that you can wear for activities such as hiking, dune bashing, riding, etc. Carry a hat and sunscreen. For night activities, people in Dubai love to dress in formal party-wears. So, pack a cocktail dress for your night outs at restaurants and hotels. Carry a UV-filtered sunglass. The sky in Dubai is pretty clear, and during summers, the glaring light makes it difficult to roam around without a sunglass. Also, a hat or a baseball cap is essentials if you plan to take a walk around the city during daytime.

3. Footwear

When you are roaming around the city, sandals and flipflops are the best. However, you cannot go for a desert safari in flipflops.  Dubai trip is incomplete without taking a hike on the Arabian sands. For that, you need to carry closed shoes such as hiking boots or sneakers.

4. Other things to pack

The air of Dubai is pretty dry. So, pack plenty of moisturising lotion with you. You can carry a portable folding fan with you. This is especially useful during hotter days. Carry extra clothes. It’s because due to high humidity, the clothes take longer to dry.

You do not need to carry toiletries as the hotels in Dubai will provide you with all type of toiletries. Moreover, cosmetics are very cheap in tax-free Dubai so that you can buy everything from the malls. Also, carry enough local currency and cards. We hope that this list will be helpful to guides you. If you are planning your trip soon, check our Dubai tour packages and get exciting deals.

Dubai: A Shopping Destination

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Dubai is a shopping magnet; the city has been ranked second as the most important shopping destinations in the world.


As Dubai is one of the most favoured travel destinations in the world, the city is home to magnificent multi-complex shopping malls and souks. The ultramodern lifestyle in Dubai has an emblematic connection with the traditional Islamic ethos which sparks a unique liveliness.

For the love of shopping joy that Dubai holds, here are some of the most popular shopping centres in the city.

Shopping Malls

If there’s one thing that defines Dubai, then it’s the breath-taking architecture of the city. There are such beautiful and marvellous shopping malls in Dubai that we cannot describe them all. But here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Mall of the Emirates

With a whopping 475 different premium stores dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, home decor, electronics and sports, there’s just one word to describe Mall of the Emirates – Supreme. One of the biggest attractions of Mall of the Emirates is the Ski Resort – a family resort for enjoying unlimited skiing.

  • Deira City Centre

Located on the waterfront of the Port Saeed Road, Deira City Centre is one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai. Apart from premium retail stores of all major brands, the popular shopping mall also offers a bowling alley and a movie theatre.

  • Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall has been recognised as the world’s largest themed mall and     was built in the honour of Arabian explorer, Ibn Battuta – hence the name. As part of the wondrous theme, Ibn Battuta Mall is divided into six different sections – Andalusia, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, China and India; these sections represent the regions that Battuta travelled.

  • Dubai Mall

The phenomenal Dubai Mall is located just near to Burj Khalifa. The world’s biggest shopping mall is also one of the best shopping malls in Dubai. There are 1200 different premium luxury brand stores. And not to forget the enthralling experiences like the Dubai Aquarium, Theme Park, Reel Cinema, Ice rink and Underwater Zoo.

  • Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall is a unique shopping mall in Dubai as it has one-of-kind pyramid-shaped facade structure. The shopping mall is also popular for its Egyptian theme and diverse collection of artwork. The exclusive Cleopatra’s Spa and other such rejuvenation centres are the major attraction of the shopping mall.

  • Souks

Souks (marketplace) are where you can bargain and splurge whole-heartedly. Given the endlessness of souks in Dubai, you can never get of enough of knick-knacks. However, exclusive souks like gold souk, perfume souk, spice souk and textile souk are very popular. You can even find souks that are dedicated to traditional clothing.

Planning to travel to Dubai?

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Dubai: 5 Must Visit Places

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Dubai is a city like no other. A city where myriad cultures blend, skyscrapers impale the clouds and economy multiplies every day. Dubai thrives on being an amazing tourist destination as travelers from all around the world visit Dubai to catch a glimpse of the spellbinding architectural wonders and experience the extravagance of this unique city.

Here are some insider tips on the places that you must visit when in Dubai; Happy Exploring!

1. Burj Khalifa

Nobody in their right mind would want to miss out on witnessing the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Located in Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa is a hot sensation all over the world and stands as a modern day wonder.

Paying a visit to Burj Khalifa is surely worth it as you can enjoy a momentary bliss on the building’s elevator which is the third fastest in the world. Getting atop on the building’s 124th floor, Observation deck, is surely rewarding as you get to experience a spectacular view of the beaches and city. The best time to visit the observation deck would be at dusk as you will get to see both daylight and night. You can even capture endless panoramas from here.

2. Burj Al Arab

While in Dubai, you cannot miss out on the city’s one of the greatest fascinations, Burj Al Arab, (claimed as the world’s one and only 7-star hotel). Burj Al Arab stands at a whopping height of 321 meters.
Burj Al Arab is designed to resemble a billowing sail, making it one of the most iconic structures in Dubai. Surveys have it that it is one of the most photographed buildings in the world.

3. Desert Safari Dubai

Nothing can be more fun in Dubai than taking a trip to the deserts and getting a flavor of the Bedouin lifestyle. You can explore the surrounding desert through quad bikes/ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) or camels, according to your preferences.

The experience of being in a stranded desert during the night under shimmering stars is just magical. While in the Bedouin campsites, you can even try shisha tobacco (hubbly bubbly), savor on freshly barbecued shawarmas.

4. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a shopping paradise. Situated right in the heart of downtown Dubai, the mall offers entertainment and a vast retail that make it an exceptional shopping mall and a must-visit place in the city. Reports have it that The Dubai Mall is one of the most visited shopping malls in Dubai; check out

Apart from a lavish shopping experience, you can also check out the mall’s aquarium/underwater zoo. There’s even an option to dive in the water including cage snorkeling and shark diving.

5. Dubai Creek

Take a step back and adore the humble aspect of the city in Dubai Creek. You can take a boat ride from Bur Dubai Abra Station and explore the waterways. You can even reach the other side of the creek, pay a visit to Deira and buy some frankincense.

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5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai


With breathtaking architecture dominating its enviable skyline, Dubai is a grand display of opulence. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, then don’t miss these top rated tourist attractions in Dubai:

1. Burj Khalifa

This is the tallest man-made structure in the world with a height of 2,722 feet. Named in the honour of the ruler of UAE, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Burj Khalifa boasts an exceptional design and architecture, inspired by traditional Islamic structures. Burj Khalifa has an observation deck for the tourists at a height of 1,483 feet from where the tourists can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. Burj Khalifa also has the fastest elevators in the world and holds a record for the highest occupied floor and the most number of storeys. It’s 3 times the height of the Eiffel tower and has 900 apartments and 304 hotels. Planning a trip to Dubai? Explore or Dubai tour packages at and grab attractive deals.

2. Dubai Mall

With 1200 shops, 21 movie screens, 120 restaurants, and 250 room hotels, Dubai Mall is the biggest and the best known malls in the world. The mall has the world’s biggest Aquarium which is home to over 30,000 exotic marine life. Just beside the aquarium, the Dubai underwater zoo gives you a sneak peek into the life of the marine animals. This is also home to the biggest names in the world of fashion and lifestyle.

3. Dubai Museum

If you want to explore the history of the city, then Dubai museum is the best place to visit. This is one of the richest and culturally appealing museums in the Middle East, depicting the astonishing rise of Dubai. Located in Al Fahidi fort, the oldest fort of Dubai, the museum displays rare artefacts that were obtained from the excavations carried out across the city. It depicts mock souq or open-air marketplace that gives you a glimpse of the ancient open-air marketplaces of Dubai and the lifestyle of the ancient era.

4. Jumeirah Beach

This is the most iconic beach in Dubai. With the mighty Burj Al Arab at its backdrop, Jumeirah beach has a beautiful shoreline. Burj Al Arab is located right next to the beach and is considered an icon of the development of Dubai. You can enjoy many water activities on the beach which make a visit to the beach more enjoyable.

5. Bastakia (Old Dubai)

Built in the late 19th century, the Bastakia Quarters is located in the eastern part of Bur Dubai, along the Dubai Creek. This late 19th century establishment was home to Persian merchants who came to Dubai for its tax-free trading system and easy access to the Dubai Creek. You can explore the ancient architectural style of Iranian coastal towns with walls topped with Wind-Towers, the earliest form of air-conditioning system. Here, you can also explore the Majlis Gallery with a huge collection of traditional Arab artefacts.

Don’t miss these places during your visit to Dubai. We hope you will enjoy your journey.