Top Things To Do in Dwarka

The historic significance of Dwarka has made it one of the most popular pilgrimages in India. According to Hindu mythology it is one of the seven holy places. There are many tourist spots in Dwarka which you can explore to know the city well. Continue reading Top Things To Do in Dwarka

India’s Most-Visited Pilgrimage Spots

India is the land of temples and pilgrimages. It’s a country bound by faith and religion. And being the most religiously diverse country in the world, there are many unique holy spots all over the country. Here is a list of the most-visited holy spots in India: Continue reading India’s Most-Visited Pilgrimage Spots

How To Plan For Your Trip To India?


If you think that you can just pack your bags, put on your travel gear and head straight to India, then that’s not going to happen. Traveling to India requires a lot of planning and mental preparation (Yes). From the Himalayas in the North to the chaotic alleys of Northern cities; and from the serene backwaters and gurgling rivers to the Gangetic plains – with so much to see, it’s difficult to determine where to start from. Don’t worry. Here are a few tips: Continue reading How To Plan For Your Trip To India?