Thailand: 8 Places Beach Lovers Must Visit

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Fancy an idyllic holiday relaxing on the sparkling beaches in Thailand, away from the maddening rush of the crowd? If yes, then check out this list of enchanting and tranquil beaches of Thailand:

1. Koh Nang Yuan

Take a longtail boat from Koh Tao and a fifteen-minute ride will bring you to this heavenly island of Koh Nang Yuan. The resort and the beach blissfully coexist here. The shoreline offers a stunning view of the sea.

2. Na Harn Beach

This tiny beach is not overcrowded and is one of the best beaches in Thailand. It is popular for its spotless beauty. Surrounded by lush green hills, this beach is an enchanting getaway where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the blue waters or enjoy a lazy stroll in its serene beach.

3. Railay Beach

This alluringly beautiful beach is a must visit during your Thai holidays. Lined by huge limestone cliffs and lush flora, this isolated beach is a quick escapade from the bustling mainland. Whether you are a solitary wanderer looking for a serene getaway for relaxation or an adventure freak searching for some excitement in life, this beach offers something to everyone.

4. Kluai Beach

Koh Kood is the fourth biggest island in Thailand and Kluai Beach is among one of the most unspoiled beaches of the island. The coastline is a bit rocky and the shoreline is dotted by mangroves, this is the most tranquil beach you would ever visit in Thailand.

5. Chaweng

This beach is ideal for those who are looking for some adrenaline rush and indulge in water sports and other activities. This beach is always bustling with life and is thriving with numerous activities.
The pale golden sand kissed by the cool blue water bending in an elegant arc, lined by swaying palm trees is enough to freshen up your tired mind.

6. Phra Nang Beach

This is among the most beautiful and enchanting beaches in Thailand and is a must-visit for any beach lover. This place will blow your mind away with its jaw dropping beauty and stunning sunsets. Covered by majestic cliffs at the end of each beach, you may try jumping off from the cliffs into the blue waters for experiencing the tempting thrill.

7. Mae Nam

This relaxed beach in Thailand lined with thick palm trees is a contrast to the hurried lifestyle of Thailand. You will feel an unhurried pace in its air and that’s why it is mostly preferred by people who want nothing but to laze on the beach and gaze at the unending vastness of the greenish blue water.

8. Tubkaak

Located on the mainland in the Krabi Island, this isolated beach is simply stunning. The swirling white sands and the distant green dots of the Andaman Islands in the horizon look enchanting.

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Maldives: Revel in an Island Spirit

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Few places in the world look like it’s straight off a picture postcard. Maldives is one of them. Sparkling beaches lined with swaying palms, crystalline blue waters, and unrivalled natural beauty- you cannot get enough of the place. Located almost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Maldives comprise of 1190 tiny islands. The majority of them are resort islands, providing an unparalleled luxury. Maldives is the ultimate destination for a perfect holiday. Here are a few more reasons why Maldives should be there on your bucket list:

1. Alluring Beaches

This tropical nation has perhaps the most stunning beaches on earth. Being an island country, you will find beaches everywhere. The crystalline cyan-blue water touching the shores filled with smooth and sparkling white sand is a scene that you would see nowhere.

2. Unparalleled Luxury

The economy of Maldives is largely based on tourism. And this little piece of paradise on the Indian Ocean leaves no stone unturned in providing you with the best and flawless luxurious indulgence. The resort density is one per island; thus, all resort islands in Maldives offer you sequestered spots for diving into luxury. You will get spa treatments, perfect for pampering your mind, body, and soul.

3. Stunning Underwater Life

The captivating blue waters of the islands unfurl a vibrant underwater marine life to those who wish to take a dip. Maldives offer you a wide variety of marine activities. Almost all of the resorts in Maldives have access to underwater reefs, perfect for snorkelling and witnessing the colours of the marine life. You can even hire a boat and dive into remote places as well. Sites such as Banana Reef and Fish Head are among the most coveted spots for snorkelling. You can also take submarine dives and take a tour round the stunning reef life.

4.  Witness a Unique Culture

Maldives is not only known for its exotic locales and stunning beaches, but the country is also best known for its warm culture. The island is mainly inhabited by Sunni Muslims, but the local culture of Maldives is a rich blend of Arab, South Indian, and Sinhalese influences. The capital city Male is the cultural hub of the country. It is home to the famous Presidential Palace, Sultan Park, National Museum, Grand Friday Mosque, and Male Fish Market. Although the city is not as glamorous and exotic as the resort islands it is bustling with activities and is a must-visit.

5. Savoury Delights

Maldives has everything to tempt your palette. The country offers you a rich variety of tempting culinary delights and savoury flavours. The local places in Maldives will give you an authentic taste of Maldivian cuisine. The local eateries offer you exquisite seafood that is flavoured with coconut and local spices. Tasting the local culinary delights is a vital part of the unique experience.

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Perfect Destinations for Beach Lovers

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Beaches are a perfect holiday destination; the blissful serenity of clear water and perpetuating shorelines that you get to experience is just priceless. And the good news for beach lovers is that there are several beaches around the world which are simply paradisiacal.

In case you want to get familiar with some of the most popular beaches, here are some of the biggest names.

1. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

You’ve probably seen in it movies or read about the islands of Phi Phi in books. Apart from splendid beauty, inexpensive visit is what attracts tourists from all over the world to this gem of an island.
The tropical undertone of the island caters to a perfect backdrop, only to impress the beholders. One of the major attractions of Phi Phi island is the colour of the shoreline and water which is turquoise and sometimes green. You can have a great time in the island with water sports like scuba diving and speedboat riding. You can also socialise and mingle with locals and tourists.

2. Bali – Indonesia

Bali is one of the most favoured travel destinations in the world. Apart from the popularity of forested volcanic mountains, Bali is also recognised for resplendent beaches like Lovina Beach, Kuta and Padangbai.
The best time to visit Bali would be during the dry seasons (April through to October). Western coastal beaches of the island like Jimbaran, Canggu, Legian, Seminyak and Kuta are calm and clean as there are no offshore winds and erosion.

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3. Bahamas Island

From luxurious accommodation to exciting water sports and duty-free shops – everything is just perfect in the Bahamas. Some of the most popular beaches in the Bahamas include Cable Beach, Ten Bay Beach, Tahiti Beach, Xanadu Beach and Cabbage Beach.

Almost all beaches have white-washed shores and are clean. If you are a nature enthusiast, then you can have a great time exploring wildlife preserves and offshore reefs.

4. Bora Bora – French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a gift from the heavens. 18th-century British explorer, James Cook had described Bora Bora as the “Pearl of the Pacific.”
Although the island is small and stretches just 6 miles long, the place overflows with stupendous beauty. With aquamarine lagoons, lush jungles and dormant volcanoes, Bora Bora island is simply a paradise for adventure lovers.

5. St. Lucia – Caribbean

Music and ethereal beauty – that’s what St. Lucia is all about. The island nation attracts a diverse group of travellers including hipsters, music lovers, honeymooners and explorers. Some of the beaches in St. Lucia worth visiting are Choc and Rodney Bay.

One definite reason for visiting St. Lucia is that it doesn’t cost you much as compared to other popular beach destinations.

6 Tips to Enjoy your Dubai Trip

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So, you have decided to visit Dubai. That’s awesome. But do you have any plans for ensuring that you enjoy the most there? Planning a trip to Dubai is not as easy as booking international holiday packages. It takes much thought and effort. Want to know how to maximise your fun and make the most out of your trip? Read on:

1. Research. Research and Research.

What are the main attractions of the city? Make a list of it. If you are a shopaholic, then have you identified the best shopping areas and malls in Dubai? How have you planned your days for exploring the city? Have you made a list of the places to visit and the areas to cover? Having a proper plan will help you save your time and a thorough research will ensure that you cover every major attraction in Dubai. This will minimise confusion and maximise your enjoyment as you will know what to do and where to go.

2. Learn the local language

No, you do not have to take Arabic classes to do that. But a few phrases and words will do. When you are visiting an exotic location, you need to interact with the locals. Knowing the local language will help you communicate with themmuch more easily. Although, most of the people in Dubai understand and can speak English, mastering a few lines and phrases in the local language will add to the fun.

3. Plan a desert safari

Do not leave Dubai without going on a desert safari. Check whether your international tour package includes desert safari or not. Almost all Dubai packages include this. Desert safari will expose you to a different aspect of Dubai. From dune bashing to belly dancing, you can enjoy a lot of activities during your desert safari. If you have motion sickness, then do not forget to carry medicines and candies.

4. Experience the Local Way of Life

“When in Rome do as the Romans do.” That goes for Dubai too! Because that’s the only way you can have maximum fun. Ditch the cars and walk to explore the alleys of the city. Try the local food. See where local people eat the most. Avoid the malls and shop at the local souks. Interact with the local people and learn their way of life. This is not only enriching but will also give you a true and intimateexperience of the city.

5. Check online deals

Before you travel to Dubai, find restaurants and hotel deals online. This will save not only your money but also your time.

6. Experience new things

Have you ever tried skydiving? Or camel riding? No? Then try it next time. This will double your fun.

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4 Romantic Destinations in Europe for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Destinations in Europe

Europe is a destination with a perplexing natural charisma. Each part of this continent is an embodiment of romance. A visit to this place not only awakens your soul but also fills it with new expressions and feelings. Be it your anniversary trip or just a leisure trip with your beloved, this Valentine’s Day head straight towards to these romantic destinations in Europe:

1. Colmar, France

Located in proximity to Germany and Switzerland, Colmar is a place where you can experience centuries old rich European history. Colmar is a protected area for its historical richness and is maintained through an extensive and continuous restoration process. Centuries-old wooden houses, lovely canals, and quality shops and restaurants lining the paths make Colmar an impressive place. The multicoloured houses of the city give it a vibrant appearance. If you visit Colmar, don’t forget to walk down the paths of the place called La Petite Venise or Little Venice. Planning a trip to France? Or any other place in Europe? If yes then check our international holiday packages at and grab the best deals.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The winding waterways, the laid-back atmosphere, and the narrow pathways with spots to wine and dine make Amsterdam a perfect place for romantic couples. This place is also well-known for the maze of canals entwined with the city’s landscape. Amsterdam is also close to a number of beautiful beaches. If you love the feeling of sand in your toes, don’t miss to visit popular beaches such as Bloemendaal aan Zee and enjoy a Dutch-style beach party, and Zandvoort to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

3. Porto, Portugal

Rich in culture, history, amazing architecture, and beautiful landscapes, Porto is the true “Cicada Invicta” or the unvanquished city. The city cohabits with the rivers. You can quietly stroll by the River Douro or River of Gold hand in hand with your beloved or cruise on the majestic river enjoying the stunning view of the city. If you are in love with the sand and the beaches, you can visit the beaches at Foz do Douro. If both of you are history enthusiast, you can track the country’s old trade routes at Palacio da Bolsa and enjoy the grand beauty of Sé Catédral.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The old port city of Dubrovnik lies on the shore of Adriatic Sea in Croatia. This is a place which is a classic blend of history and romantic escapades. This place is protected by the UNESCO. The days here are brilliantly sunny and the nights are glimmering with the starry sky and the silver moon. History unfolds in the spiralling labyrinths of the city and paints vivid picture of the bygone era of wealth, sailing vessels, and power. Explore the city, visit exhibitions and concerts, swim, photograph, and do whatever you want. Dubrovnik is a place that you would love to revisit.

What are you waiting for? The colourful landscapes, bustling streets, and European sweetness of life await you.