5 Offbeat Places In Kerala That You Can`t Afford To Miss

offbeat destinations in kerala

God’s own country, Kerala has many popular tourist spots that are worth visiting. What attracts the tourists from all over the world is its spectacular beaches, labyrinthine backwaters, beautiful hill stations, amazing wildlife sanctuaries, and ravishing scenic beauty.

But very few of us know that Kerala has some less explored tourist spots that offer a breathtaking experience. For avoiding the hustle and bustle of a city life and revitalizing yourself, check out some of the offbeat places in Kerala listed below:

1) Nelliyampathy
If you are looking for an eccentric tourist spot in Kerala then Nelliyampathy is the best choice for you. This spot is blessed with scenic beauty and its sprawling orange plantations and tea gardens.
This place is not just famous for its immaculate landscape but also for its wide range of fun activities like trekking, camping, boating and tea plantation.

2) Gavi
If you are a nature and wildlife lover then you will be enchanted by the exceptional beauty of Gavi. This quaint village boasts a wide range of flora and fauna here is very appealing. Lake boating, spice garden visits and bird watching are other popular activities of this place.
The Periyar Tiger Reserve close to Gavi gives you the scope to take a Jeep ride through this forest and observe some rare animal species. The forest shelters many animals such as elephants, bears, sambars, barking deer, tigers, Indian Gaurs and Nilgiri Martens. You will also find two rare species of Gopher trees here.

3) Anamudi
This pristine tourist spot features rich evergreen forests where many rare species of plant and animal are found. The Eravikulam National park located at this peak protects the endangered Nilgiri Thar and other rare species of animals, birds, and butterflies.
What adds an extra charm to this place are the swarming jungles of teak, black wood and dwarf bamboo. This spot is truly meant for nature lovers, photo fanatics, and adventure enthusiasts. Neelakurinji flower is also a speciality of this place and blooms only once in every 12 years.

4) Ashtamudi Backwaters
Located in Kollam, the Ashtamudi backwaters is Kerala’s undisclosed secret. The backwater is a habitat of more than 50 species of avifauna, 26 species of butterflies and 40 species of wetland-dependent birds.
Floating huts and houseboat cruises makes this place very special. You can also indulge in Ayurvedic therapies and bird watching activities here.

5) Kumarakom
If you want to cruise on the luxurious houseboats around the backwaters of Kerala then Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom is the best choice for you.
This longest lake in India is rich in algae that give its water a beautiful greenish tinge. Snake boat races are very popular here which are held during the Onam festival. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary located on the bank of this lake is an ideal destination for bird lovers.

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Kerala Tour: Don’t Miss Visiting these Wildlife Sanctuaries

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From rolling mountains, labyrinthine backwaters to sun-kissed beaches, Kerala is a land of vivid topography. However, this is not what Kerala is all about. The God’s own Country is also famous for its rich and vivid wildlife. Here’s a list of wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that are a must-visit:

1. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at a distance of 40 kilometres from Thodupuzha, this wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by the rivers Periyar and Cheruthoni. Extending over 77 square kilometres, the wildlife sanctuary is covered in thick foliage.

Tourists who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place can opt for boat rides in the rivers. The animals that are commonly sighted here include wild dogs, sambhars, tigers, and jungle cats. You can also go for trekking in this wildlife sanctuary but for that, you have to take prior permission from the forest department.

3. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is located amidst the hills of the Western Ghat. Extending over an area of 675 square kilometres, the Periyar lake forms the heart of the sanctuary. It is home to many local and threatened species of plants, animals, and birds.

There are over 1800 varieties of plants, over 171 species of grass, 265 species of birds, and about 35 species of animals. It houses some of the most exquisite wild animals such as lion-tailed Macaques, Malabar Giant Squirrel, and Flying Squirrel. Also, there are provisions for adventure activities such as boating in the lake, trekking, and elephant riding.

4. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is under consideration to be selected as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Located near the Tamil Nadu border in Idukki district in Kerala, this sanctuary extends more than 90 square kilometres. This sanctuary is different than others as it receives rain for only 48 days and is, therefore, ideal for a certain type of vegetation.

Apart from the forest of thorny scrub, the highlights of the flora here include the famed sandalwood forest. Watchtowers are located throughout the sanctuary for the tourists to observe the wildlife. You can also enjoy trekking, nature walks and camping inside the sanctuary.

5. Parimbikulam wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Palakkad district of Kerala, this wildlife sanctuary is also home to four native tribes. There are about 39 species of mammals, approximately 268 varieties of birds, different types of butterflies, reptiles, and amphibians. With watch towers located throughout the sanctuary, you can spot wildlife easily from these towers.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this sanctuary is an ideal place for you to watch animals such as storks, lion-tailed macaques, rollers, and king cobras. Trekking inside the sanctuary is also permitted; however, you have to seek prior permission from the forest department. November to April is the best time to visit this place.

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Kerala – 7 Famous Historical Monuments

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Meandering canals, scenic backwater, brackish lagoons, and an enchanting tranquillity- the name Kerala is sure to evoke these images in your mind. While the God’s own Country is famous for its lush natural beauty, many of you are not aware that this place is also thriving with a rich history.

It still bears the marks of the numerous dynasties and the colonial power that ruled this place. Here’s a list of famous historical monuments that will remind you of the bygone era:

1. Anchuthengu Fort

Also known as Anjengo Fort, Anchuthengu Fort was established by the British East India Company. This 17th-century fort was the first trading station for the East India Company. It also served as the signalling station for the British.

2. Padmanabhapuram Palace

This is an extremely well preserved wooden palace adorned with intrinsic carvings, colourful mica windows, and magnificent 18th-century murals. There’s also a secret underground passage in this palace. This place exemplifies the glory of the Travancore dynasty that once ruled the southern part of Kerala.

3. Bekal Fort

The beautiful Arabian Sea in the backdrop of the ancient ruins of Bekal Fort, the view is no less than breathtaking. This is the largest fort you will ever see in Kerala. There are a mosque and a Hanuman mandir at the entrance and presents a fascinating view.

4. Thalassery Fort

This imposing 18th-century structure is a reminder of the excellent engineering skills of the British designers and engineers. The elaborate carvings, grand doors, and strong bastions will make you gasp in awe.
The fort has numerous secret tunnels and underground passages that once served as a hiding place for the British military personnel. Flanked by the Malabar coast and lush gardens, this is an ideal place to soak in local history while enjoying the beauty of nature.

5. Palakkad Fort

Famous as ‘Tipu’s Fort” this place was built by Tipu Sultan’s father and Mysore’s Sultan Haider Ali. This is an intriguing gateway to the rich historical past of Kerala. Hemmed by the beautiful Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats, the fort stands still as a silent witness of many stories of valour, bloodshed and many battles. It is one of the best-preserved forts by the ASI.

6. Gundert Bungalow

Once the home of the renowned German scholar Dr Hermann Gundert, this is among the most significant historical sites in Kerala. This 200 years old bungalow is made in a typical British mansion style of architecture.
The bungalow has witnessed many great works in the field of literature and lexicography carried on by the famed scholar during his stay in this place.

7. Dutch Palace

Constructed by the Portuguese and maintained by the Dutch, this palace is one of the most visited historical sites in Kerala. It is located close to Cochin.

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